Terrible Practical Effect

Practical Effects and The Cons That Go With It.

The Cons of Practical Effects

We’ve covered the Pros and Cons of Visual effects, as well as the Pros of Practical Effects. It’s now time to talk about the Cons of Practical Effects and since we already know what they are let’s dive right in!


Attention to Detail

If you think about what goes into making or just dressing a set, there are so many small details that have to go into it, even details that have to come out as well. You can never just pick a location and it is perfect, you will always have to put in time to build the scene just right and not everybody has that attention to detail. This definitely counts as dressing your actors and adding make-up to them too, can’t forget them when building your scene!


Out of Date

I know what you’re thinking and I do NOT mean Practical Effects are out of date! This is what I mean by out of date: Practical effects are great for videos that take place in the past or present. The future on the other hand, not so much and although you CAN make your futuristic videos with Practical Effects, it probably won’t look as good as if you did it with VFX. You have to realize that the future hasn’t happened yet, that’s why it’s the future, so finding or even making practical effects for your futuristic piece, will be much more hard than using the limitless possibilities of VFX. Think of it this way, you are shooting a futuristic scene with a lot of gunplay and instead of bullets you envision your guns would shoot green energy bolts. Now as we all know, most if not all guns shoot bullets and not green energy bolts and I can’t even begin to think of what you could do, to make a gun shoot something that looks like green energy bolts. I bet if you look online though someone has already made a 2d or 3d render of green energy bolts using CGI!



I know I only pulled two cons for practical effects instead of three and I know there are more out there, but all the ones I thought of (like miniatures never look real) weren’t a good enough topic to talk about. Plus today you really do see more VFX than Practical, just because it’s easier to do and it is only going to become more easy and sophisticated.


Make sure you tune in next Monday were I will be wrapping this series up with the overall conclusion to Visual Effects vs. Practical Effects!


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