Case Study



On Monday November 12, Creative House Studios DP Peter Sampson and Technical Director Johnny K. Wu gave a lesson on green screen to-do’s and faux pas to a class of Virginia Marti College Digital Media students.  The students are enrolled in a two year program, which gives them the skills to create videos, interactive media, and 3d animation.

At the workshop, Johnny showed his BTS of S:A Superman Fanfilm and engaged in a discussion with the students about the art of layering for racked focus shots and wirework on the green screen. Peter facilitated a live green screen lab by having the students break up into teams to light an actor like he was at award ceremony using a digital backplate for reference.

The teams later joined up to begin editing the footage under the direction of Johnny and Peter to learn how to edit green screen footage in post production. Creative House Studios plans to host similar workshops for the public so keep an eye out for our postings via Facebook and Twitter.



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