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Case Study

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Cynthia Graham got the call from location manager Wendall Hinkle: the feature film “Tomorrow You’re Gone” had been shooting principle photography in Cleveland Ohio for the past week or so and now needed a sound stage to build a set and shoot a very particular scene – here’s the catch: they were calling on Tuesday and wanted to book the studio Thursday & Friday to build the set, then Shoot Friday through the night until Saturday morning. What’s more – because it was a weekend they wanted to park their base camp (i.e. 10 semi trailers) at Creative House Studios through the weekend. What did we say?! “Of course, no problem!” (luckily we were able to re-locate a booking to accommodate) As you can see from the photos, there were about 60 people. Our craft services area was able to accommodate two meals for all, thanks to the talents of Izzy and Streat Catering. Unfortunately, from the IMDB listing, Tomorrow You’re Gone did not see it fit to credit Creative House Studios… oh well…

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