• Zombies

Case Study

How do you create an 80-year-old French zombie with no teeth and a horde of mindless decomposing zombies…? With lots of makeup and a green screen! To create a horde of zombies director Johnny K. Wu filmed zombified extras on Creative House Studios’ green screen sound stage and placed them strategically within the scene to depict his vision of the “bad side of town”. A quirky 1950’s like family, the Maulberries– played by actors Joseph O’Brien, Patrica Valestin, Matthew Hemminger , and Tricia O’Toole— were filmed later on the green screen interacting with the digital zombies while strolling through the virtual set. The only real life zombie that they meet was an 80-year-old French zombie with no teeth known as Jean Claude played by actor Kyle Znamenak. Later in the film, the family introduces Jean Claude to their 1950’s-esque home, which was filmed in Creative House Studio’s green room and kitchen. The crew built a false wall between the kitchen and the green room to create the Maulberries’ dining room and allow for sitcom like shots between the two areas. The wall was eventually moved to the other side of the kitchen to create the Maulberries’ living room.

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