Terrible Vampire Dying Visual Effects

Let’s Talk About the Cons of Visual Effects.

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Since we know what visual effects are and what they can do to improve you film, it’s time to take a look at how they can affect your film in a negative way.


 Patience Padawan…

Visual Effects take a lot of patience and when I say a lot, I MEAN A LOT MORE THAN WHAT YOU ARE THINKING!!! Whether it’s learning a technique or applying them to your video, visual effects are not just something you can put an hour or two into and expect to reach high quality effects. They will always take time to perfect, which leads me into the next point…


Time = Money

The other week I shared an article (article here) about the importance of putting more of the budget into your visual effects, because like the title to this section says, time really does equal money. If you don’t put enough money into those visual effects they will not turn out the way you want, guaranteed!


Love, Hate Relationship

This section definitely pairs with having patience, but is still different enough to make note. Visual Effects and I have a love hate relationship and I’m sure there are others out there that can share in my pain. Some days everything will go right, you’ll finish projects in great time and you will love it! Then there are those days where nothing is working; you’ve put an entire day into a project and feel like there is nothing to show. Those days are the absolute worst and sometimes those days can turn into those weeks or even those months. These are the times where you want to rip your hair out and find a new profession; these are the times where your patience is truly tested. Which is why this relates back to the first section, YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT! You’ll find that when you do finish that project you’ve worked on for a week longer than what you expected, you feel pretty swell, to say the least.


Cons fo Visual Effects Conclusion

(I know my junior high English teacher is going to be disappointed for this but I’m going to say it anyways) In conclusion Visual Effects are frustrating, especially if you have a low patience level like myself. Yet visual Effects can be the most rewarding part of making a film, other than your viewer’s reactions when they see the end result.

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