Working on Practical Effect Miniature

These were Practical Effects in the Star Wars Prequels?!?!

These are Practical Effects? I would’ve never guessed. The popular belief goes that “practical effects” in films, using physical models and mechanical effects as opposed to CGI, is a dead or dying art. While there has certainly been an ascendancy in computer-generated special effects, with some films relying on them almost exclusively, there is still a lot of amazing model making and miniature set building being used in modern film…

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Before and after Visual Effects in the terminator

The Pros of Visual Effects or VFX

‘Terminator Genisys.’ All images © 2015 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. What exactly are  Visual Effects/VFX? Simply put VFX are images, videos, CGI, composites, anything that is added onto your video, while you are in post, to give it a real look. VFX’s main goal is to trick viewers into thinking that what is happening on screen is what actually happened in the original, raw footage. That is unless your…

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A Virtual Reality Cinema

A Big Investment has been made to a Virtual Reality Start-Up Company. This Investment could change the world of cinema as we know it.

Disney invests $65m in virtual reality start-up company: Is VR the future of cinema? The term “virtual reality” was first coined in the 1980s (Getty) Getty Cinema hasn’t changed drastically since the advent of colour pictures in the 1930’s. Sure, digital has taken over, 3D has been implemented and the wide screen made mainstream, but the actual experience has yet to be transformed completely. Now, imagine going to the cinema…

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Low and High Budget Graphic

Know the Difference Between Low Budget and High Budget Video Graphics

3D/motion graphics artist, Edward Hassenfratz talks getting the video graphics you pay for. Multi-Emmy winning freelance 3D/motion graphics artist, Edward Hassenfratz, E.J. for short, who has worked with clients from National Geographic to Amtrak, understands that when it comes to video…you get what you pay for. Here are a few reasons why. Reason 1: When you talk about budget you talk about time and cost. Clients with limited budgets need…

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Visual Effects versus Practical Effects

Practical Effects Versus Visual Effects!

In the next few weeks we will be taking a look at practical and visual effects. We will cover; their differences, their pros, their cons, where they have worked well and where they have fallen short. Once both have been picked apart and reviewed we will post a conclusion on the two and lay to rest, which is better!   Here are a few videos to wet your whistle on…

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Phone = Camera

With the iPhone 6S’ 4k video camera upgrade and many others already there (Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5, Microsoft Lumia 950, ect.), Movie Magic can easily be made straight from your pocket. Will you set your camera aside to give it a try?

  AUTHOR: ANGELA WATERCUTTER.ANGELA WATERCUTTER ENTERTAINMENT DATE OF PUBLICATION: TIME OF PUBLICATION: 6:30 AM.6:30 AM THE IPHONE 6’S NEW CAMERA COULD FOREVER CHANGE FILMMAKING AMIDST ALL THE hoopla over the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and their motion processors, faster CPUs, and larger screens, it was also announced that Apple’s latest smartphones would have a much better camera. And while that’s great news for those looking to…

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courtesy of wikipedia

The Best of the Best Movie Explosions

  10. Fight Club   9. V for Ventdetta   8. Jaws   7. Rambo   6. Die Hard   5. The Dark Knight   4. Tropic Thunder   3.  Independence Day   2. Stealth   1. Terminator 2   Creative House Studios can add Great Balls O’ Fire to your next project! Contact us for a Studio Tour. Book Tour  

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great lakes auto network

Canepa Media Solutions shoots Great Lakes Auto Network

Canepa Media Solutions shoots Great Lakes Auto Network We just got our wire work capability installed in the studio and this capacity attracted the Car Dealers at Great Lakes Auto Network through Director/Producer Peter Canepa. Sure these spots are campy – but they do a great job of bringing back the campy-ness of the batman era. We can’t wait to see the next superhero episodes!

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