It took two and a half years to build this sound stage studio from the ground up, and we never stop making it a better place for you to express your creativity.

We go on the premise that flexible is good. You can book the green screen studio sound stage with the green room (which is big and has a nice kitchen), the make-up room and conference room – bring in your own crew, cameras, gear and floor lighting…The 7000 sq. ft. sound stage is painted with multiple coats of Rosco Ultimatte Green.

Don’t need green? We can provide your production with white box or black box in sound stage studio A.

OR you can have us shoot the footage you need and we’ll provide that raw footage to you so you can edit it yourself

OR we can do the whole production for you: plan, shoot, edit, post… We are very flexible and booking rates can vary to the needs of your project.

Shoot your production here!  Contact us to get a quote for your studio sound stage project.

Studio booking costs are individually calculated after discussing in detail exactly what you want your studio sound stage project to be. We then take your specific vision and break it down, evaluating what services will be needed, and what it will cost to make that vision into a reality. We consider your budget and schedule concerns and look forward to meeting with you.

If you have not been in the studio – we’d love to give you a personal tour of the facilities. Just contact us!